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Welcome to India International House Ltd.

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We at India International House Limited, are committed to manufacture and supply good quality products within specified time meeting customer’s requirements and satisfaction through involvement of all Personnel, workforce and supplier. Keeping High Moral values maintaining environmental and ethical international standards. We strive for continuous improvement in all processes (CMD)

Child Labour Prevention Policy

No person below 18 years is allowed to enter in the factory.

Health & Safety Policy

India International House Limited is committed to improve the health and safety conditions in its factory premises. IIHL has identified following points to improve:

01. Working with sustained health and environment.

02. Conforming National and International laws related to health and making adjustment safety current requirement adjustment.

03. Training to all employees on health, safety, environment and social work.

04. Emphasize on use of PPE’s like Mask, apron, gloves, goggles etc.

05. Training to operate fire -extinguishers

06. Conducting risk assessment for all the departments and making proper arrangements to control.

07. Installing safety glass and emergency alarm on lathe machine

08. Organizing mock drill on monthly basis

09. Electrical appliances and electric wirings to be maintained properly to avoid accidents.

10. Installing proper arrangements to Exhaust fumes and smells generated in the plant.

11. Installing ETP to prevent drainage of toxic chemicals.

12. Ensuring First-Aid arrangement in the factory.

Environment and Undesirable Management Policy

We are committed to achieve continuous improvement in environmental management. We are striving to improve our environmental related work capacity and compliance of Environmental laws and other laws.

Abuse Policy / Use of abusive language Policy

India International House Limited has not allowed any of its employees to use abusive language with its workers.

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