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Pictures Hooks

The innovative way of manufacturing tower bolts through the India International House Ltd. In this industry tower bolts are demanded by a wide range of clients, the reason is that every client needs high counts of tower bolts. The A-grade material used in the process of manufacturing, The material is aluminium, brass, and iron is organic and is consistent without any bad kinds of substances. The durability of the tower bolts is long-lasting for life which makes clients about the India International House Ltd.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories are a unique way of manufacturing. The India International House Ltd. is one of the genuine manufacturers who is known for their work. In this bathroom accessories, we have lots of hardware, for example, In the Tower holders, Hooks, Handles, etc. These are well furnished and maintained by the India International House Ltd. experts team. The counting and the corners are well structured and durable. The authenticity of the hardware is shown in the appearance and the client point who is related from years.

Shower Handle

The Avanti hardware manufacturing and suppliers Shower handles. All showers are designed according to the needs of clients. The team of Avanti is well experienced, these are all well considered the productive and the originality of the hardware so the material, they used to manufacture the handle is authentic, The shower handles are nonbreakable and sustainable.

Sash Hooks

The innovative way and excellent work of the India International House Ltd. manufacturing and exporting team. The team is an expert in hooks and should have to be tough. The India International House Ltd. has a wide range of hooks. The unique hooks' appearance is really catchy to the eyes. Some of the hooks look like antics and it's really impressive. Available in different finishes and extra counting of thin layers. All hook corners are correctly done by the expert team. The India International House Ltd. team is experienced at the international level for forty years.


There are many types of hardware accessories available at India International House Ltd.and some of them are listing below.

Grab Bar

Grab bar hardware is used for the bathroom and toilet. We manufacture the steel grab brass hardware., In this process, we used original steel to manufacture the grab bars, we are really possessive of our position in the industry, and being productive concern. The Avanti hardware manufacturer grab bars are sustainable, reliable, and long durability grab bars. It is used for bathroom stalls, tubs, and hospitals.